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VARADERO GOLF CLUB, hereinafter VGC, offers its products and services under the General Terms and Conditions of Contract and the Cancellation and / or Modification Policies described below, which, due to sufficient publicity, VGC considers that they have been expressly known and accepted by you when making the payment of a certain product or service. If for any reason you do not understand any part of the General Terms and Conditions of Contract or the Cancellation and / or Modification Policies, contact us before placing your order.

Once you have made and paid a reservation, it is understood that you have accepted for all legal purposes the General Terms and Conditions of Contract and the Cancellation and / or Modification Policies. Accepting the General Terms and Conditions of Contract and the Cancellation and / or Modification Policies, either by browsing the website, by checking the acceptance box in a Web register, or by accepting a purchase order for a reservation or order that is sent to these, you are accepting the content in its entirety of the General Terms and Conditions of Contract and the Policies of Cancellation and / or Modification. The order can not contradict what is foreseen in them. If you do not agree with the General Terms and Conditions of Contract and Cancellation and / or Modification Policies, we ask you to refrain from using this website, register yourself there, or hire any of the products and services that are offered.

The General Terms and Conditions of Contract and the Cancellation Policies may be modified (updated) at any time, without prior notice. The modified (updated) versions of the General Terms and Conditions of Contract and the Cancellation and / or Modification Policies will appear on this website and will be immediately applicable. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the General Terms and Conditions of Contract and the Cancellation and / or Modification Policies while interested in acquiring the products and services offered on the Website. The continuity in the acquisition of said products and services implies acceptance of the modifications (updates) introduced in the General Terms and Conditions of Contract and the Cancellation and / or Modification Policies. Notwithstanding the foregoing, modifications (updates) will not affect confirmed reservations, which will be governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Contract and the Cancellation and / or Modification Policies in force at the time the reservation was confirmed.



  • Data Registration: The information provided by the client will be transmitted through a secure connection, so the site guarantees the necessary confidentiality. The information provided will only be used for the execution of the reservation and the payment of the product or service, which includes special offers and new products or services. The client is responsible for the veracity and authenticity of the information, so he must review in detail and confirm the content of the information before making the payment. For more details you can see the section “Privacy and Data Protection” on the website.
  • Prices: The prices of the products or services and their modalities are presented in the amounts and in the currency that refers expressly. Returns will be made in the same amounts and currency according to the Cancellation and / or Modification Policies.
  • Customer service and claims: Any questions, concerns, suggestions or complaints regarding the products and services, and their modalities, will be addressed by the VGC administration through the corporate email address that is presented on the site or through communication telephone to the numbers that are credited in it.
  • Limitation of Liability: VGC limits its responsibility in those aspects that correspond to assume third parties that market their products and services, according to current contracts.
  • Right of Non-Admission: VGC reserves the right of non-admission.
  • Legislation in force: The General Terms and Conditions of Contract and the Cancellation and / or Modification Policies are governed by the laws of the Republic of Cuba, so that any difficulty or controversy in its interpretation or that derives from the use of the site , it will be followed according to what is established in the current Cuban norms.


The purchase and fulfillment process of your order can be done in very simple steps. It is not necessary to be registered and / or authenticated on the website to make your reservations. However, if you register, you will have the possibility to see details of the orders that you have made on our site while being authenticated, as well as request cancellation or modification.
You can include golf reservations and room reservations for the Club House. Before adding a reservation to the order, you must complete the requested information. 
The user-client who makes the reservations and pays the total amount of the order does so in the name and with the consent of all the persons for whom the reservation is completed.
You must confirm the data of all the reservations included in it. If you do not agree, you have the possibility to modify your data as well as add and / or delete reservations in it. Once confirmed the data of your reservations and executed the payment of the order correctly, You will be subject to the Cancellation and / or Modification Policies.


The total amount of the order must be paid online. In case the payment attempt is failed, you are given the possibility to retry the payment. If this is not possible, your order will expire in the established period.
The customer will pay for the product or service using a credit card authorized on the website. The site operates with Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro cards. This form of payment is immediate, totally secure.


Shirt or pullover with collar and sleeves, long dress pants or appropriate shorts. The use of metallic nail shoes is not allowed.
International rules of etiquette will prevail.


The departure times will be consecutive every 10 minutes for Tee 1 and Tee 10 applying the Crossover crossing system, (except for exceptional days, for maintenance and / or other reasons).
Any other schedule planning must be requested, budgeted and approved by the VGC Management.
The delivery of any type of refreshment, catering, delivery of trophies, etc. is not allowed without permission from the Club’s management.
The installation of advertising in the VGC facilities without prior authorization is prohibited.
VGC reserves the right to form quartets (foursomes) at its discretion so that the lower number games can be paired at any time of the tour. Whenever the time availability allows, the client will have the possibility to pay the full Tee Time (foursome) to guarantee the exclusivity of the game, which must be validated with the respective green fees, either by online payment, by payment in located in the Pro Shop or presenting the green fee golf ticket voucher of the corresponding hotel that includes it in your accommodation.
VGC reserves the right to expel any client who receives two or more warnings from the Marshall or any Club employee for breach of any of the rules of behavior of VGC, without any refund of previously paid services.


If wet weather is forecast and you request to change your Tee Time reservation, VGC reserves the right to apply its Modification Policy. If it rains, but the golf course is open, VGC will speak on your behalf to see if it is possible to re-schedule your departure time. Any reprogramming of Tee Time will be entirely at the discretion of management on the golf course, and can not be guaranteed. In the event that VGC can not reschedule your departure time, and the Golf Course Management is not willing to allow you to cancel in the short term, then you are expected to play as planned. There would be no refund in case you choose not to play or start playing and leave the game. Cancellations and refunds on rainy days require the signing of the Golf Pro in the Green Fee Voucher confirming that it is too rainy to play. VGC decides when the golf course will be closed and when the Voucher golf tickets will be signed to grant the change of Tee Time. If the field is closed due to rain, VGC will offer to re-schedule your departure time for another day. During your round, it is considered that we have completed our contract with you. Any compensation with respect to not being able to play a total of 18 holes or 9 holes will have to be negotiated directly with the representatives of the golf course. If you have any difficulty, you should contact a golf course staff member. VGC does not realize how disappointing it is to experience the wet weather on your vacation and your work team will always do everything possible to help you in case of any inclement weather or adverse weather conditions.


The main causes that could lead to the closure of VGC facilities are the following:

  • Incessant rain: when the holes are filled with water.
  • Electric Storm: when thunder or lightning continues with imminent danger.
  • Hurricane wind: when the ball moves on the green.
    The conditions mentioned below will apply only when the direction of the field decides its closure either because of danger to the player or due to impassable game conditions:
  • If they have not yet gone out to play they will be offered to change their Tee Time or play the round as a courtesy during the next visit.
  • If they have abandoned the game between holes 1 and 9, they will be given a Voucher for 18 holes with a maximum validity period of 6 months.
  • If you have left the game between holes 10 and 16, you will be given a 9-hole Voucher with a maximum validity period of 6 months.
  • If they have left the game after the 14th hole, the game will be understood as finished.


We want to make sure that our customers understand the terms and conditions of their booking. If for any reason you do not understand any part of the terms and conditions, please contact us prior to placing your order.

Once you have made a reservation with our service you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this policy.

For Hotel Reservations:

  • Reservations booked and paid online at may only be cancelled up to 7 days prior to the check-in date.
  • There will be no refunds for shortened stays.
  • There are no refunds for reservations that include December 24th and December 31st.
  • All Hotel Reservations will be charged the amount equal to the first night when cancelled.

For Golf Reservations:

  • Green Fee and Tee time booked online at may be cancelled only by email request sent to: up until seven (7) days prior to the booked date.
  • All Golf Reservations are subject to a 50 EUR administration fee when cancelled.


Any sort of changes to the hotel and/or golf reservation, such as: arrival and/or departure date, room type, number of guests, number of players, and/or other, would be subject to availability at the time the modification is requested and may result in a possible rate change and/or service fee.


Use of golf Equipment
You agree to use the leased Golf Equipment in a careful and proper manner consistent with the use said Golf Equipment was created for. You, at your own expense, shall keep the leased Golf Equipment in good repair, condition, and working order. You may not alter, disfigure, cover up any numbering, lettering, or insignia, or otherwise modify the leased Golf Equipment in any way.

Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Not Returned Golf Equipment
If any leased Golf Equipment is damaged ,lost, stolen, or otherwise not returned to Varadero Golf Club for any reason after the beginning of the Rental Period and prior to return of the Golf Equipment to Varadero Golf Club, you agree to make payment to Varadero Golf Club in an amount equal to the replacement value of the Golf Equipment.